Product Applications


Residential Garden


Our all organic, compost and bio-fertilizer products are a homeowners best friend. Never again worry about negative health effects on yourself, children or pets from the use of toxic chemicals around your home.  Whether to improve the aesthetics of your ornamental garden or provide nutrient rich food for your family. We provide you the best alternative to beautify your home and maximize your nutrition and overall health with the food you grow. We make it  easy for you to build the best soils to get the results you desire. Click here to buy now!

Commercial Growers


Professional growers and farmers working with greenhouses, containers, sod, fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural field crops will find great value in the products we offer. Achieve optimum plant growth and greater yield. You can depend on our products time and time again to deliver fantastic performance for all your growing needs. Many of our products are slow release and won't burn plants. Click here to shop our professional solutions!
We help you save time and money by improving soil structure for better work-ability, which helps your plant establish themselves easier. Inhibiting pests and disease in your soil, increasing water infiltration and retention and you don't have to worry about nutrients leaching and being washed away due to increased microbiology in the soil that will cycle nutrient to plants. Our products are designed for general use and specific application as well.

Landscapers & Turf Managers / Golf Courses & Polo Fields


The use of our bio-stimulants and compost on golf courses and sports turf has been proven to be very beneficial and has a bright future in this application. It can be used during construction of new fields or as topdressing. Incorporating our premium quality composts products or bio-fertilizers with existing maintenance regiments established is no hassle.
For example, the use of compost in an integrated pest management program will help reduce pesticide applications. We also offer a line of bio-fertilizer to help you cross over to organic fertilizers. Increased organic matter, aeration, water holding capacity and lush green turf with strong root bases are some of the benefits. Additionally, enhancing the colors and fragrances of flowers and other annuals/perennial gardens planted around your turf and clubs to compliment the overall experience. Click here to shop our products.

Land Reclamation / Bioremediation


Government or private agencies involved in environmental projects (wetlands, erosion control, soil remediation, land reclamation, air pollution control or water filters) can effectively utilize both our specific solutions for such applications. Composts and biochar binds heavy metals and other contaminants, reducing leaching and bio-absorption and contributes to the degradation of petroleum contaminants in soils. They can also be used to provide filtration and contaminant removal of storm water pollutants as a bio-filter to control VOC's (volatile organic compounds in exhaust gases. These types of applications are assessed per project. Consultation is required.

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