The “4 per 1000” Initiative invites all stakeholders worldwide to implement practical actions to achieve soil carbon storage through agriculture and forestry, and to share agro-ecological practices, such as conservation agriculture, agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, landscape management, etc.

We at Red Diamond share in this belief and the objectives of the "4 per 1000" Initiative as they are aligned with our mission and goals as it relates to sustainability and climate change. We believe agriculture is a solution to climate change through regenerative farming, grazing, and land-use practices. This will allowing for the sequestering of excess carbon from the air into the soil. At the same time building long-term soil health and greatly improving agricultural productivity.


"As its name suggests, the "4 per 1000" addresses both global warming and food security. Soil degradation now threatens at least a third of the Earth's land surface, and climate change is accelerating the rate of degradation. This is having a devasting impact on small farmers (who provide 70% of the worlds food) and on global food security. Our capacity to feed 9.5 billion people in 2050 in the face of a changing climate will depend greatly on our ability to restore and maintain the world's soils."

- Regeneration International





 Source: INRA, IRD, Cirad & CGIAR - Spring 2016
Source: French Ministry of Agriculture - Winter 2015-2016

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