About Us
About Us
About Us
Innovators - World Changers - Scientists - Guardians of the Earth

We Believe In the right to

Nutrient Rich

We advocate for universal access to nutrient-dense foods, essential for better health and a brighter future. Our commitment to global Food & Nutrition Security drives us to improve food quality, contributing to the well-being of current and future generations.

We Believe In Reconnecting With

the Spirit of

Our operations are deeply rooted in the powerful human-nature connection. We embrace nature's principles, focusing on recycling and reusing resources, to maintain a natural balance. This approach reflects our dedication to sustainable practices and environmental harmony.

We Believe the Integrity of our

Product & Service

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality, nature-aligned solutions, ensuring safety for homes, families, and pets. Our commitment extends beyond products to include exceptional service in consultations and information dissemination, symbolizing our dedication to integrity and customer trust.

Meet Our Team

Joshua Forte
Joshua ForteFounder & CEO
Joshua is not just a visionary in the agrochemical industry but also an independent researcher, social entrepreneur, trainer, and consultant. revolutionising sustainable agriculture with eco-friendly solutions from organic waste and Sargassum seaweed. Honoured with the Barbados National Youth Awards, his global impact is evident from speaking at One Young World Belfast 2023. An expert in solid waste management and cleantech, he's transforming environmental health and productivity.
Verrol-Ann Scott
Verrol-Ann ScottFacility Operations Manager
Verrol-Ann is a key member of our team, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both environmental and psychological sciences. She excels in environmental studies and psychology. With experience in the USA and Barbados, she specializes in industrial water management and public health. Her BSc in Biochemistry with Psychology and skills in public speaking make her a valuable asset in promoting sustainable practices and community engagement.
Bryan Cummings
Bryan CummingsLead Landscape Designer & Customer Rep
Bryan combines his certification in Permaculture Design with artistic and carpentry skills to create innovative, holistic food systems and edible landscapes. As a graduate of the Youth Agri-Preneurship Incubator Programme, with experience from the Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute and a passion for the Regenerative Agriculture Economy, contributing to Barbados's agricultural sector by creating sustainable foodscapes.
Anne Desrochers
Anne DesrochersAgricultural Engineering Consultant
Anne, our esteemed Agricultural Engineering Consultant at Red Diamond Compost, specializes in holistic agricultural development. With a BSc in Agriculture and an MSc in Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering from McGill, she brings extensive experience from working with diverse farmers across the Americas. Her expertise spans crop production, pest management, climate-smart techniques, and soil conservation, enhancing our commitment to sustainable agriculture.