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Sargassum seaweed has blighted many of the beaches on Barbados for several years. Joshua Forte, a local entrepreneur, is convinced that it can be turned into a valuable commodity, and turned into highly effective, organic compost.

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We catch up with Wayne Neale, Managing Director of Greening the Caribbean (GTC) at the 2018 Caribbean Climate Innovation Summit. Wayne Neale is a leading  sustainable waste management professional and has earned a reputation as the regional expert on the design, implementation and spearheading service delivery of waste-to-landfill systems within St. Lucia’s private sector.  Most recently he has been acknowledged for his work and contribution across the region, having been one of 6 awardees of the first ever Commonwealth Secretary-General's Innovation for Sustainable Development Award.
Gain great insights into the critical role waste management plays in our fight against climate change and our ability to build resilience as Small Island Developing States.
To learn more about how Wayne and GTC is making 'Global Goals, Local (or regional) Business', what new initiatives you can be a part of or even to procure their services and stay connected, visit the following
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