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Friday, 30 November 2018 23:54

A New Wave - Happy Independence Barbados


Ripples from a new wave of determination set into young entrepreneurs as we embark into a field of unknowns. What can be more exciting than to build upon models of sustainable living once thought of as out of reach for the average Barbadian- the lower to middle-class Bajan who by their own admission have set this task solely upon the shoulders of government officials that may or may not hold the answers we truly sought? This seems to be quite the paradox waiting to unfold itself within inefficiently productive landscapes or more so fields and hills beyond recall for are they really our very own, if we as a people, a group of individuals, are unprepared to be the stewards of our lands or be the caretakers of our own gardens. 

Let’s say that for a moment in this brief phase of newly independent people we have not fully resolved past afflictions to those holding the bread and butter we deem necessary to actually make manifest the ideals we declared evidently fundamental for the holistic success of the whole body, not merely the head and neck of this Bajan thoroughbred. For it is quite evident the potential of our people is something to behold, the talent dripping through the containment of European schooling forced upon African bloodlines aiming to dissolve the only thing we held dear to us; the power to create from what some may call nothing. A power seen time and time again as artists and artisans make the most of the finite materials spread very thinly across this country like the asphalt used to cover potholes which sink deeper than the history of our people revealed to us by these institutions of knowledge.

Here, my friends, we stand at a crossroads where blame, guilt, and frustration will do nothing more than to slow down the flow of this power held within the hands of each individual comprising this beautiful island. For our paradise lies not upon sandy beaches left vacant for tourists to enjoy while we work nine to five to keep a faint smile on our faces for our children and our children’s children to be able to one day truly relax on these white crystalline shores.

Here, my friends, we must stand for something, for the passive-aggressive Bajan model walks around blinded by the runway as scores of planes private to public touch down at our port, with a fresh wave of guests to serve, but the kitchen is empty and the waiter feels underappreciated by an employer that only seeks to modernize the dreaded pain of being an S-word, and that word is definitely not superhero. 

Here we already stand my friends as superheroes, the everyday kind, the unsung kind, the one that need not be mentioned in the evening news, the one that stories are not written about, movies not cast and fans don’t scream their vocals chords hoarse towards. 

The heroes like single mothers who refuse to let hardship hinder their offspring’s future, the heroes that need not be placed on a piece of paper previously worthless now used to class our financial freedom, the kind of heroes young children look to for inspiration, for guidance, for answers. 

Some may call these kinds of heroes, role models, mentors or teachers, some may see these persons as the glue that keeps the fabric of our industry together, some may even say that these heroes are the light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel of fear and self-doubt that afflicts our people. 

Well I dare to say this, these individuals who stand for something, must now stand together not necessarily in “harmonious unison” for the biggest challenge still must be addressed; we are a group of individual minds, personalities, passions, and purposes. We must, therefore, aim to stand together sustainable for only then can returns be seen which will benefit each individual and still the collective as a whole.

To do this is quite simple, once given some thought for within the problem there lies the solution and this solution is within the hands of these unsung heroes- the ones willing to do the dirty work, the farmers, the agribusiness persons, the small-scale home gardeners- the real planter class. 

For the world is truly beautiful when old men plant trees for which they may never receive shade from, knowing that their sons and 

daughters will play on these fields and rejoice with laughter and childish glee, never truly knowing the hardship their forefathers bore to make these landscapes so green and lush. For by the sweat of a man’s brow and the strength of his back he may shape his land as he sees fit once the conditions can be met by the will of the spirit, the season is right and the vision is as clear as blue skies on a hot summer day.

As true as these words may ring to the heart of good men, it may also be said at this time that all men are born with this essence of goodness within them, yet time, place, situations and perception may alter the degrees of goodness shown from the heart and mind of mankind who is still set standing at the same crossroads we met at. 

To change the course of the world first we must realize this change within ourselves, but to realize this change within ourselves we must face the world at its problems and accept that the solution is within us. It is said evil only prevails when good men fail to act, and at our core, in our truest spiritual essence we are all made good so then what greater deed is there than to give beyond yourself for a cause much greater than yourself. 




Ironically, the greatest glory is to give to yourself all the love and healing you wish to give to the world. 

For when it is all diplomatically said and politically done, the smoke and mirrors fade and the hype has settled we all stand as individuals, we all fall as individuals, we all rise from the ashes as individuals, there is no group, no nation, no collective that can truly  embody the vastness  of  ideas,  personalities, and demeanor, the creator has blessed each individual with their own spark. It is only through the wisdom to acknowledge this ultimate truth that allows these individuals to decide to sit at the table to discuss their talents in their differences which paradoxically is what makes us all the same; our uniqueness gives us unity. But what does that all mean? 

How does this make our fields and hills ours now to recall, for yesteryear they were not our own but now the present truly is a gift for young entrepreneurs to grab with both hands on the reigns to guide this thoroughbred back on course, for it is not a show horse and this is not Gold Cup Day, for we wish not to continue this cycle going around and around a track at a beckoning of a whip. No, we have the power back in our hands to choose who shall be the captain of our ship. And my friends, let us not choose hope, let her stay at home, quiet, cozy, comfortable, let us look into the mirror, past the veils of beauty and see the eyes of the beholder, who has chosen himself fit to lead his own life with confidence and valor, with renewed determination, for it is a new wave.

From a ripple now a wave that has already touched these crystalline shorelines spreading the message of sustainability, in solutions that can be packaged in one liter bottles and delivered for the average Bajan consumer at an affordable rate of just fifty dollars, Red Diamond Super Seaweed Bio Stimulant is that product making waves in a sustainable agri-movement. Waving goodbye to perceptions that may win us the complainer’s procrastinator of the year award and will warrant us the need to revisit integrated science as the other half of the solution in a magical two-part play.

Integration rather than segregation of all life sciences may foster more holistic answers than one degree ever could. As one university fully integrated into the solution center of this island, with focus on the heart-of-the-matter, a fully self-sustaining island with many degrees and many hands with the power to create may now fully realize the truest fulfillment of our creed as we decree ourselves as a collective of intellects, a body of individuals with one aim to holistically sustain our cells. As we are freed individually from the bonds of starch-filled macaroni pie we can now revisit the term culture and find what was Bajan culture before colonialism when these hills were actually our own and we actually made a free individuals’ decision to live and grow food here. 

Maybe then and only then, will the real planter class stand up for something. For they will have an inkling of a taste on the tongue that they must fulfill, maybe then and only then now it’s all diplomatically said and politically embarked on from the grassroots level, from the community centers, from the empty lots, from the neighbor who needed a hand getting their garden started, that we as individuals can taste the sweet taste of true freedom knowing that we grew what we ate and we ate what we grew. 

For the wise know that this simple notion is one of the most fundamental steps to true freedom for culture has always met at the fireplace, at the dining room table, in the kitchen for food is that one symbol we can all understand too well.  For each grain of wild rice stands as individuals yet they come together sustainable in a well-prepared pot with flavor to savor for days, each vegetable individually picked combining in unison in one succulent dish. 

And this my friends, is what makes coming home from a hard day after doing all that dirty work special, doesn’t it? 

Meeting all these individual flavors combined in one succulent dish. This my friends is why we must be the ones to be the stewards of our lands, the caretakers of our gardens for what better way to celebrate independence than to independently grow what you eat and eat what you grow and when you have more than enough for you and your family, share with your neighbor and trade flavors and textures. 

Food connects us all and great food joins us here together at the table to eat bountifully heartily and declare “ Free at last! Free at last! Almighty God we are free at last!” Happy Independence Barbados, now let’s grow some great food and truly be merry with peace, health and prosperity, Godspeed.

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