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We catch up with Wayne Neale, Managing Director of Greening the Caribbean (GTC) at the 2018 Caribbean Climate Innovation Summit. Wayne Neale is a leading  sustainable waste management professional and has earned a reputation as the regional expert on the design, implementation and spearheading service delivery of waste-to-landfill systems within St. Lucia’s private sector.  Most recently he has been acknowledged for his work and contribution across the region, having been one of 6 awardees of the first ever Commonwealth Secretary-General's Innovation for Sustainable Development Award.
Gain great insights into the critical role waste management plays in our fight against climate change and our ability to build resilience as Small Island Developing States.
To learn more about how Wayne and GTC is making 'Global Goals, Local (or regional) Business', what new initiatives you can be a part of or even to procure their services and stay connected, visit the following
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Our Green Revolution #4 - Nichole Murray (Naturindas Foods) OGR #4

We sit down with Nichole Murray, the creator and innovator of Naturindas Foods. She is driven by her passion and purpose to positively impact the lives of people. Tapping into our great ancestral heritage, she has obtained the wisdom of good health, long life and vitality which is translated through her business Naturindas.



Nichole shares a powerful story of her journey into Agri-preneurship, discusses the need for more acknowledgment and celebration of our valuable resources. She also shares some revelations from her journey that will surely benefit entrepreneurs in any area of business. 



To connect with Naturindas visit the following:


Also check out Nichole's HOTT NEW PODCAST!!!


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Our Green Revolution #3 - Jean-Sebastien Duvilaire (Tahomey) OGR #3

We meet with Jean-Sebastien, Founder & CEO of Tahomey, following the 2018 Caribbean Week of Agriculture. Sebastien is an influential leader in his region of Haiti. As an Agri-preneur, Chocolaterie and a performer, he is on a mission to positively impact the future of his country economically and socially as well.


We discuss his insights into the powerful role family can play in business and agriculture specifically. As well as, how through his company Tahomey, he creates an environment whereby youth can experience the full value-chain of the chocolate industry from seed to harvest to valuable end-product.


To connect with Tahomey visit the following:

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Our Green Revolution #2 - Philisha St. Hill (Minutes of Inspiration) OGR #2

On this episode we sit down with Philisha St. Hill, a trainer and advocate of plant diversity preservation, at Queens Park, Barbados. We discuss her journey into permaculture and seed saving, as well as her new venture into writing and her 'Minspiration' project.

To connect with Philisha and checkout her latest content, visit the following:

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Our Green Revolution #1 - Alpha Sennon (We.Help.Youth Farm) Our Green Revolution #1 - Alpha Sennon (We.Help.Youth Farm)

We catch up with Alpha Sennon, Founder & Managing Director of W.H.YFarm at the 2018 Caribbean Week of Agriculture. Alpha Sennon is a global pioneer of 'Agri-Edutainment' (Agricultural educational entertainment) from the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.. 

Discussing his work across the world, the creation of his AGRIman Adventures comic book, and the positive and very important role youth play in the future of food and the agriculture sector as a whole. He also shares a powerful message for those aspiring and current creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.

To connect with WHYFarm visit the following:

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