Liquid Sunshine Organic Fertilizer


More Blooms

Call it blossoms in a bottle, maximizing budding and blooming.

Easy To Use

Enjoy flawless clog-free application through drip irrigation or pump sprayers.


Truly a 'veganic' formula of plant-based sources. Contains absolutely no artificial or synthetically derived ingredients.

More Fruit

Get a higher quantity of fruit and bigger fruit size for greater yield.

Organic Gardener's Secret Weapon!

Liquid Sunshine Organic Fertilizer is a proprietary blend of tithonia and organic, plant-based ingredients that will feed your plants and soil.  Bring your soil to life with Liquid Sunshine by feeding major plant nutrients & beneficial microbes which will continue to break down organic matter and cycle nutrients to your plants.


Here's What Makes Our Liquid Sunshine
Your Best Choice?

Enjoy organic nutrient delivery

Very effective during the blooming stage and excellent for maximizing overall crop yield. For efficient plant growth use Liquid Sunshine Organic Fertilizer throughout the growing season.

One litre goes a long way

Highly concentrated yet it won't burn your plants. One litre of Liquid Sunshine Organic Fertilizer makes up to 125 litres. Foliar feed or root drench, feed your plants and your soil too.

No limit to what you grow

A premium organic fertilizer that can be used for high-value crops, fruit trees, ornamentals, both outdoor and indoor plants.
I could see an immdeiate difference in my crop's growth rate, the health and colour of the foliage. I used primarily on lettuce at leaset once a week.
Two weeks after using your productand I have nothing but good reviews for this product.
Liquid sunshine took my plants from what looked like the end to a whole new kind of green.
I have some garden spinach that had some very small leaves, after two applications of Liquid Sunshine...the leaves have double in size.

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