Soil Food Web Analysis


What is it any way?...

Let's take a closer look at the soil. A much closer look.

The Soil Food Web describes a set of relationships between organisms large and small living beneath and on the soil surface.  These organisms play the crucial role in providing plant nutrients, protecting plants, building soil structure by literally gluing it together, aerating soil, increasing its nutrient retention, and water holding capacity and so much more. This is growing natures' way.


See the major players of the Soil Food Web Pictured below, and this is barely scratching the surface into this complex world.




Why test soil biology?


No more Chemical 'X'. Many people are demanding organic foods, based on political, nutritional, and environmental reasons. The core reason to return to natural production methods is the fact that beneficial organisms are killed by the use of toxic chemicals. Alternatively, Small Plot Intensive or Climate Smart Agricultural designs for small farm or residential projects.
Organic Success. Simply switching from growing with synthetic chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides, to organic products does not fix the problem. If you only use natural products that kill pests, weeds or diseases, the overarching problem has not been solved, and you probably won’t be a successful “organic grower”.
"The Switch" must involve a new approach, which requires working with nature. Farming with nature is preventative and allows you to deal with the cause of diseases, pests, or poor fertility. 
The Key to farming in line with nature is to recognize the true power of beneficial microorganisms. Less maintenance will be required each year, as your soil increases in organic matter and microbial populations.
Maintaining a healthy population of beneficial microbes will nurture the protective environment that will thwart any disease-causing organisms that may come along, simply by out-competing them for food and space.


Soil Food Web Analysis

Our Packages

Basic Qualitative Report

Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa

This is a basic soil analysis report enabling you to successfully grow your chosen crops.

Soil Food Web Starter

Total Bacteria & Fungi, Active Bacteria & Fungi, Protozoa, Nematodes, Mycorrhizal Colonization

This includes one total Soil Food Web Analysis supported by a written report detailing our findings.

Soil Food Web Starter +

 + Qualitative Assessments

Including everything in the Soil Food Web Starter, plus (2) Qualitative assessments carried out at appropriate times during the year so that you may monitor your progress and tweak your action plan.

 Complete Soil Food Web

 Qualitative Assessments & Consultations

Includes all the lab analysis in the Soil Food Web Starter + with a total of four(4) Qualitative Assessments and two(2) brief consultations to discuss the reports in-depth and any key issues you might have.

 Soil Food Web Professional  

+ pH, CEC and % Organic Matter

Our professional package includes all the above lab analysis with a total of six (6) Qualitative Assessments and three (3) brief consultations. At no additional charge you will also receive soil E.Coli testing.


Download detailed testing service descriptions here.