Compost (BLACK GOLD)


Compost (BLACK GOLD) 00009
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The single best amendment to add to any soil. This product is made primarily from recycled leaves, tree branches, and food waste mixed in and is slowly composted for a long period of time to ensure the highest quality. It is then screened fine for a uniform texture.

This product is especially rich in beneficial fungi and humus, which works great with shrubs, trees, roses, and other perennials as a soil amendment. It is a superior replacement for peat moss and is used as an ingredient in many types of potting mixes.

The heat of composting kills most weed seeds and pathogens. As a result, beneficial microbes that prevent diseases from growing and dominating are able to get the upper hand. It helps loosen clay and helps sand hold water.

(1-cubic foot bag - 1/2-inch deep - covers 24 square feet)

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Brand:Red Diamond
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Compost (BLACK GOLD)
Compost (BLACK GOLD)
Compost (BLACK GOLD)