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Online Courses

Online Courses

Explore our interactive self-paced courses designed to empower and educate on regenerative farming practices.

Diamond Growers Family

Diamond Growers Family

Join our community of dedicated growers, sharing knowledge and experiences in regenerative agriculture.

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Crops Guide

Access comprehensive guides and videos for growing diverse crops, tailored for sustainability and soil health.

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Be a part of our mission to empower and transform 1000 acres through regenerative agriculture. Whether for yourself or nominating someone else, take the first step in fostering a greener future and apply for our core programme.

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Unearthing the Journeys of Our Farmers: Their Dedication, Innovation, and the Land they Nurture.

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Be a part of our mission to empower and transform 1000 acres through regenerative agriculture. Whether for yourself or nominating someone else, take the first step in fostering a greener future and apply for our core programme.

Deadline: April 30th 2024

Seeding Tomorrow's Harvest

At the heart of this movement is the fight against soil impoverishment. Fertile soil is the foundation of life, yet it's vanishing at an alarming rate. By empowering farmers, particularly youth and women, we're not just growing crops; we're cultivating leaders who will steward our lands into a prosperous future. These farmers are our frontline warriors in ensuring food sovereignty, managing our natural resources responsibly while nourishing our communities.

Diversifying the crops we grow is not just an agricultural strategy; it's a way to build resilience against climate disruptions. Each new crop brings variety to our diets and strength to our ecosystems. And in doing so, we're not only securing our food supply but also ensuring a cleaner, safer environment for everyone.

This is a call to action for the next generation of farmers and everyone who believes in a sustainable, nourishing future. It's time to rally behind an initiative that isn't just about today's harvest, but about safeguarding our tomorrow. Let's inspire communities and individuals to join hands in this transformative journey. Together, we can turn the tide against climate change and lead the way to a food-secure, vibrant world for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Journey to 1000 Acres Initiative?
It's a transformative and regenerative agricultural movement by Red Diamond Compost, in partnership with the Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust, blending education with entertainment to promote regenerative agriculture, highlight its relevance to everyday life, and provide practical tools for sustainable living. Underpinned by our goal of transforming 1,000 acres from conventional agricultural uses to regenerative agriculture.
How does Red Diamond Compost incorporate entertainment into education?
The initiative delivers engaging content, including captivating videos, immersive workshops, and virtual farm tours, making learning about sustainability both fun and informative.
Are there any online courses available as part of the initiative?
Yes, the initiative includes online courses designed to educate and engage participants on regenerative farming practices and environmental stewardship.
What is the core programme of the Journey to 1,000 Acres Initiative and who can apply?
Yes, Red Diamond Compost supports sustainable practices for spaces of all sizes, from small balconies to sprawling backyards, providing resources to contribute to the regenerative movement.
Can I participate in the Journey to 1000 Acres Initiative if I only have a small space available for gardening?
Our core program is entered through our open call for applicants usually to specific countries or regions. Farmers and aspiring farmers are invited to sign up and once short listed to join the cohort will gain FREE access to all online course content, be invited to participate in face-to-face workshops, fun group challenges and benefit from select perks.
Who are the creative partners mentioned in the initiative?
While specific names of creative partners aren't listed, the initiative involves collaborations with the creative industries to produce innovative educational content, showing a wide-ranging partnership approach.
What are the benefits of using Red Diamond Compost's products in my garden or farm?
There's an interesting story behind each of our products and their origins. They are designed to support soil life and biodiversity, enhance plant growth, improve yields, and are safe for commercial and residential use, contributing to healthier soil and crops.
How can I learn more about specific crops and gardening techniques from Red Diamond Compost?
The Journey offers an online crops guide, providing detailed information on growing various vegetables and herbs, in addition to How-To videos, primarily for growers in the Caribbean and African countries, accessible through our website.
What makes Red Diamond Compost's approach to agriculture unique?
Our mission focuses on infusing life into soils globally with safe and sustainable organic solutions, advocating for nutrient-rich foods, reconnecting with nature, and ensuring the integrity of our products and services.
How can I join the Diamond Growers Family (DGF) or participate in the initiative?
Interested individuals can get involved by exploring the various components of the Journey to 1000 Acres Initiative, such as engaging with our educational content, using our products, subscribing to our Diamond Growers Family YouTube channel, joining our public Facebook group or reaching out directly via contact information provided on their website.