(Brassica oleracea var. capitata)

The Layered Leafy Legend

Resilient, versatile, and enriched with goodness, cabbage graces dishes across the vast culinary landscapes the world over. Its compact layers hide a depth of flavor and nutrition, making it both a cook's treasure and a health enthusiast's delight.

Who's Eating Them?

They are:

  • Homestead Cooks: Whether it's a spicy Caribbean cabbage stir-fry or an African cabbage stew, this vegetable is an everyday staple in many households.

  • Vegetable Enthusiasts: Gardeners appreciate cabbage for its hardiness, allowing it to thrive in a range of climates, while foodies love its crunchy texture and adaptability in recipes.

  • Natural Healers: Valued in traditional medicine, cabbage has been used as a remedy for various ailments over the centuries.

Did You Know?

Beyond its familiar green, cabbages can surprise you with shades of purple, red, and the crinkled textures of savoy variants. As it continues to be a staple in dishes, it also reminds us of the harmony between nature, sustainable farming, and culinary artistry.

Dive deep into the world of cabbage and unearth the tales of tradition, regenerative farming, and unmatched taste!

Health Benefits:

  • Brain Boost: With a high amount of vitamin K and anthocyanins, cabbage can help in mental function and concentration. These nutrients also play a role in preventing nerve damage, promoting a healthy nervous system.

  • Gut Health Guardian: Cabbage, especially when fermented as in sauerkraut or kimchi, is beneficial for the digestive tract, thanks to its probiotic properties.


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