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During the Consultation: We not only tour your land with you, but we also have a detailed discussion with you to determine your goals for the farm and history of the land. At the same time, we make an assessment of the present and past land use and landscape regarding your soil, wind & water flow and sun patterns. Then a back and forth dialog of possibilities are worked through. 
After the consultation, you will receive a written summary of our assessment including your goals, our recommendations based on those goals (including plant/animal grazing/project possibilities, general planting location and a general timeline if you would like us to implement the project. 
Residential Consultations - 2 Hrs USD $100
Farm Consultations - 3 Hrs USD $300 / under 2 Acres USD $200 
  • If additional consultation is requested by the client for the same project, the consultation fee will be $100/Hr 
  • If consultation is requested in a country where we do not have an existing Design & Consultation team, your total fee will be the listed rate + travel expenses.
  • At your request or by our recommendation a Soil Food Web Analysis can be done to provide a more in-depth view of soil health and further recommendations can be made with this information. 
  • If you would like to hire us to create the farm design, we will credit the cost of the consultation towards the design.


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We can provide a full or partial property design. Fully integrated Regenerative Agricultural design; for livestock, Carbon Farming design and Silvopastoral Systems for large-scale or commercial projects. Alternatively, Small Plot Intensive or Climate Smart Agricultural designs for small farm or residential projects.
Our designs will offer a thorough plan for food production and environmental management, encompassing, ecological health, energy conservation, and optimized productivity on your property. It takes about 1-3 months to complete a design (depending on size) and we will continue to consult with you throughout this process. 
The cost of the Initial Consultation is credited towards the cost of design.
Design Process:
At each phase of the design process, we meet with you to share what we are creating and why, welcome your thoughts and input, and update you on any changes.
Phase 1:  We create an accurate base map (using property maps and measurements made on-site). Design concepts for each area of the property are based on your goals, soil, and ecological context.
Phase 2: We provide 1-2 draft design drawings, with detailed planning and implementation plans. We answer design questions and highlight any future maintenance needs.
Phase 3: We provide a final design, including drawings, plant and/or livestock lists, general cost estimates, implementation descriptions, and timeline.
Farm Design Rates - Ranges from USD $750 - $10,000
  • Price depends on property size & design complexity
  • We also offer long-distance design that does not require us to travel to your site provided you can supply us with good maps, photos, and data.

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After your project design is created we can also implement or install the design on your property. If this service is requested we will first provide 1-2 detailed cost estimate and implementation timeline at no additional fee. The implementation process will often involve two primary phases to bring your project to life. 
Implementation Process:
Phase 1: Earthworks Construction
During this phase, any major earthworks necessary for the creation of your design, initial pegging/marking of the property will be done. We will contract and supervise skilled machine operators to shape your property create the foundation for your design. This includes land clearing, establishing watercourses, ponds, dams, swales, terraces, access roads and more.
Phase 2: Planting & Installation
We will oversee the initial the plantings for your property, especially for the long-term perennial crops to ensure everything is implemented as planned. After this stage is completed if animals are a part of your project we will ensure that they are properly integrated as well.
If your project design includes the construction or renovation of buildings and other structures as well. We will supervise the completion of these elements of your project as well. However, this only involves the construction as laid out in the design & implementation plans, and does not include any interior designs, tools or equipment, unless these elements were agreed upon in writing. 
Service Rates
Residential Implementation USD $80 per hour
Farm-Scale Implementation USD $160 per hour

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Management Services

In some instances where a client may request Red Diamond Farm management services, we will consider the structure of the project and accept the request. Essentially, whether the property was designed by us or someone else our management practices will align with regenerative organic agricultural practices and methods, or any of the technologies mentioned in the Design section of this page.
Depending on the complexity or unique nature of the project, where specific systems or technologies may need to be acquired or created we will consult with you before implementing these systems. In most instances, we will seek to implement our management system allowing us to optimize production from seed the harvest and post-harvest handling and processing as well. 
Fee Structure: This is assessed on a case by case basis depending on the nature of the project and will be agreed upon before the commencement of services. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our farm management services.
At this time we only offer management services to commercial projects. Access to Residential Management is based on us receiving a service request from 5+ clients within a specific geographic radius. Alternatively, residents with commercial-scale properties are assessed on a case by case basis for management services.

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